Aptos thread lift

Rejuvenation technique using Aptos threads

Sooner or later, everyone finds signs of aging on their skin. Mimic wrinkles, sagginess or flabbiness of the skin- these symptoms have been disturbing people above 30 for a long time. For this reason, many types of facial cosmetic surgery, corrective dermatology and aesthetic medicine are aimed at these symptoms. Nowadays, aging of tissues can be solved by another progressive and safe way- by Aptos thread lift.

The authors of this rejuvenation method using Aptos threads call it the most progressive technology for removing signs of aging off your face and the whole body.

Since 1996, the Aptos Company has been producing the unique threads and instruments for lift under its own brand. For more than 16 years, Aptos threads have been used by many plastic surgeons and cosmetologists in more than 48 countries of the world. Aptos is the only developer and producer of these products and methods of aesthetic medicine.

What makes this method unique?

This lift method is unique in its irretrievability for patients with various needs. Moreover, it is performed without surgical intervention. The principle of the method is determined by using innovative threads that are applied under the skin without scalpel. Thanks to minimal intervention into organism, no scars remain and general anesthesia is needless. Because there are no incisions, there are no stitches as well, that is why no lengthy recuperation is required.

Why to choose the Aptos method?

Individual solutions. Each type of Aptos threads has its own advantage and is suitable for one or more areas of face, neck or body. This minimally invasive method can be also recommeded for those who for many reasons cannot undrego traditional major facelift.

Most natural results

Because the lift threads are inserted only 3-5mm under the skin, the risk of demaging nerve endings and large vessels is eliminated. This method guarantees active mimics and minimal recuperative time.

Safeness, minimal invasion and long-term effect

These are the goals for developers and producers of the Aptos Thread Lift and that is what they try to achieve while developing new products. For this lift method the most modern suture materials are used. Without scalpel just with threads and needles or cannulas, the surgeon gains access to the subcutaneous layer through only one small incision.

Immediately visible results

The thread lift of single body parts takes about 15 minutes, the lift of the whole face about half an hour. First results are visible immediately after the procedure. The duration of the results depends on the chosen method and the type of threads (Aptos has more than 36 of them). It should last from 2 to 5 years but the result is most noticeable 2-3 weeks after the procedure.