Botulinum toxin is able to block transmisson of nerve impulses to the nerves. This ability is frequently used in aesthetic medicine for smoothing out wrinkles.

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Dermal fillers

Removed wrinkles, little facial scars smoothening, lip volume increasing and hydration or just rejuvenation of the whole face and redefinition of its contours – this all can be achieved when the substance is applicated via needles or ultrathin flexible cannulas under your skin. The results look more natural than in the case of surgical facelift.

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Facelift performed with absorbent Aptos thread

Aptos lift is a unique and minimally invasive method for face, neck and other body parts lift and rejuvenation when absorbent threads are used.

Advantages: minimal invasion, short recovery time, no scars, natural look

Lip enhancement

Dermal fillers

Full seductive lips are every woman´s dream. If you wish them too, there is nothing easier than to undrego non surgical lip enlargement through the use of highest quality dermal fillers. They are based on body´s own substances with very slow absorption and high compatibility. By applying fillers, the volume is added where necessary. That is why this procedure is effective for narrow lips.

Permanent make up

Be permanently beautiful......

Permanent make up, so called micropigmentation is a method used for long term makeup. Special pigment is embedded beneath the upper layer of skin. With permanent makeup you will look better and save lots of time.


Rejuvenation by your own plasma

Plasmalift, alias rejuvenation by your own plasma is a new revolutionary method that helps to regenerate skin cells. Not only that wrinkles and flabby skin are smoothed out but also scars are regenerated and the whole skin is healed after various cosmetic procedures.

  • regeneration of skin cells
  • rejuvenation of tired, flabby and aging skin
  • smoothes out wrinkles and ageing marks
  • slowing the signs of aging
  • done with your own blood in front of your eyes
  • no foreign materials are used
  • no side effects and risks
  • performed under local anaesthesia; pain-free
  • recommended for face, neck, decolletage, back side of hands and circles under the eyes

... and many others