Photoepilation (hair removal) and photorejunevation (photofacial)

Photoepilation and photorejuvenation by the professional IPL device for men and women- radical method for sensitive hair removal.

Long lasting or even permanent hair removal all over the body including the destruction of hair-follicle cells by the use light flashes. This procedure is based on strong intense pulsed light. The melanin of the hair bulb absorbs energy of the light, this process produces heat and subsequently the hair bulb is destroyed.

  • Scars and wrinkles erased
  • Firmed skin
  • Pigmentation spots, rosacea, redness and broken cappilaries are removed
  • Acne treatment

Permanent hair removal

Pulsed light also stimulates the production of collagen that creates the basis of connective tissues in organism. Thanks to collagen the skin is firmer and more elastic.