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Cryolipolysis is a non-surgical or non-invasive treatment focused on subcutaneous fat reduction and cellulite smoothing. It is the patented way when subcutaneous fat cells are destroyed by a medical device.

The method draws from finding that fat cells response more to the effects of cold than other cells. The controlled freezing of subcutaneous fat causes that the fat cells break apart. Thanks to the process of natural cell death, apoptosis, the broken cells are destoyed and gradually cleared from your body through the lymphatic system. The treatment is recommended for persons with lipomatosis (fatty areas of tissue); it is not a weight loss procedure.

The treated area is cooled down by Peltier panels to 10 degrees Celsius down. The skin is protected by an antifreeze membrane or by another effective method. We distinguish between cooling plates treatment and vacuum suction treatment. During the vacuum suction treatment, the problematic area is sucked in by a vacuum suction cup. The vacuum technique is more effective and there is lower risk of getting internal organs cold.