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Ingrown toenails treatment + toenails straightening – nail braces Podofix

From deformed, involuted or ingrown toenails suffer many patients nowadays.

Variously deformed or ingrown toenails are often caused by genetic predispositions. However, ingrown toenails („unguis incarnatus") may also develop when toenail is not trimmed properly or when you wear inappropriate shoes. Ingrown nails are very painful and may get infected.

To avoid unpleasant surgical interventions, chiropodists, podologists and doctors offer many treatments for deformed or ingrown toenails. Up-to-date methods (e.g. Podofix) only take a few minutes and can fully fix problems with your toenails. Within a certain time after painless application of nail braces, the treated nail is completely straightened.

The podofix® active adhesive brace is an innovative treatment for ingrown or involuted toenails. This treatment is suitable almost for everybody including kids and diabetics. The effectiveness of this method can be proved by many patients, chiropodists and podologists. Thanks to this simple method you can avoid surgical interventions. The results are visible in a short time and are completely painless.

The podofix® active adhesive brace  immediately adjusts to individual shapes of nails and therefore helps to relief patients´ discomfort in a majority of cases. The application only takes a few minutes and you almost do not notice it. Another advantge is that this treatment does not bring any restrictions on your life because you can work out and also practice water sports.