Machine-made & combined pedicure

Machine-made pedicure is a professional treatment for feet (toenails and skin) when a speacial high-speed rotating drill with suction is used. The treatment is gentle, effective and relaxing. It is also suitable for diabetics – no risk of skin injuries.

With the help of speacial burr-drill heads it is possible to treat not only healthy feet but also the problematic ones with various defects such as:

  • Corns- shallow, small (painless).
  • Calluses that can be very painful- especially on your soles..
  • Rough skin.
  • Cracked heels.
  • Ingrown toenails without infection.
  • Deformed, thickened toenails, etc.

Combined pedicure is a perfect compromise between dry and wet pedicure. It brings the benefits of both of them and removes their disadvantages.

Nail Braces

  • Orthonyxia -The treatment of ingrown toenails, toenails straightening- nail braces Podofix

We treat ingrown toenails without surgical intervention and pain. This treatment is suitable for everybody including kids and diabetics. The application takes a few minutes and the effect shows up really soon.

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Manicure & Shellac manicure

Beautiful and healthy hands...

Softening and removal of cuticles, nail shaping and polishing, oil and handcream application...

Shellac manicure can be used to strengthen natural nails (bio-gel) or for Shellac permanent nail polishing including French manicure polishing.

Fingernails look elegant, do not crack or fray. They are flexible and thin but still strong. Shellac manicure is suitable for nails that need to take a break from wearing nail extensions. On nails that are strengthened with Shellac, polish can be used and removed.

Gel nails

Beautful nails say a lot about you!

Gels are durable, flexible, chip-resistant and natural looking. Every woman is without a doubt unique and there are many ways how to prove it. One of them is their manicure- some prefer simple french manicure, some prefer decorated nails with bright colours and sparkling rhinestones. But not every woman has healthy, strong nails that grow well. That is why you can come to our clinic and take advantage of our precise and experienced manicurist who uses very gentle techniques.