Comfortable feet

Computer feet diagnostic and an examination of the sole by our podologist

Custom fit orthopaedic insoles

We manufacture french orthopaedic 3D insoles from your feet´s prints. These special insoles treat flat feet, heel spurs, unmatched lenght of feet, talotarsal displacement and other pathologies.

During a digital baropodometric test, we get an impression of your feet from which we can find out where the biggest pressure on your soles is developed. The data is scanned by a decking with pressure sensors that are linked by computer. The insoles stabilize your gait and prevent from unilateral joint pain. Some insoles are manufactured while on waits, the rest in a very short period of time. These insoles are also suitable for diabetics.


These insoles are suitable for work shoes as well as for casual shoes. We also manufacture special sports types - SIDAS CONFORM´ABLE – for running, skiing, golf playing, cycling, ice hockey and hiking.